Gyrocopterflight Hayingen

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Glass valley, one of the most beautiful river valleys on the Swabian Jura and a unique nature reserve at Hayingen with a very special charisma. Discover crystal-clear water, rocks, fauna and flora on your comfortable way to Wimsen cave.

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Beautiful lookouts – the castle of Derneck above the Great Lauter valley, the ruined castles of Wartstein and Maisenburg between Hayingen and Anhausen, “Lämmerstein” at the Glass valley, “Kreuzberg” next to Weiler.

Circular hill fort “Old-Hayingen”, a plateau above the Lauter valley at Weiler
Memorial for “escargot collectors” at the bridge over the Lauter river at Weiler.

 Juniper heath “Digelfeld” – a nature reserve of 121 hectares next to Hayingen